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  • Improvisation

    We do not always see each day
    Solutions clear and wise,
    Don't always have at hand the way
    To where the answer lies.

    We want decisions made with speed,
    That saves on agitation;
    Sometimes we find that we will need
    To use imp-ro-vi-sation.

    At times the tasks at which we strive
    Don't seem to quite work out;
    Employ something to give you drive,
    So you don't rave or shout.

    No need to stall as you proceed
    Or fume with indignation;
    Be confident you can succeed,
    Employ imp-ro-vi-sation.

    How strange and how unconsciously
    Our inward mood can change;
    When moments lacking clarity
    Our thinking does derange.

    At times we labour with our hand,
    Without prior preparation;
    Your skills you always will command,
    Using imp-ro-vi-sation.

    Attain your goal; complete your quest,
    Fulfilment you will savour;
    Continue with your efforts lest
    Your confidence does waver.

    Don't tarry at the job in hand,
    No need for hesitation;
    Remember this is where we stand,
    We use imp-ro-vi-sation

    Be ready then to strike a blow,
    Reveal just what is needed;
    At times like these you have to show
    Your progress unimpeded.

    So if you work without a plan
    No thorough preparation;
    No need to be an also ran,
    Just use im-pro-vi-sation.

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    ... Wow


    • Ron Kaye
      Ron Kaye commented
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      What did you like about it?

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    Nicely turned Ron Kaye. Was the switch of syllabication intentional on the last line? The 'imp-ro-vi-sation' caught my attention. Clever.


    • Ron Kaye
      Ron Kaye commented
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      Yes it was intentional. Was echoing the words of a tutor of mine some years ago. To help us get things done he would say, "improvise boy, improvise." Just stayed in my head.

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    Nice! Your Rhyme is powerful, every single word is precise. Keep on posting!

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