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  • The choice

    learning peace it real
    finding out how to feel
    thinking of the past again
    poems the emotional drain
    hurt and sadness is around
    but who cares rip off my frown
    life its self in the end so sweet
    but how is it I will complete
    how will pain fall out of view
    in the end where am I going to
    the warmth surround for now I see
    In the end life heard my plea
    for more for life to again be full
    now ending it has no pull
    finally happy and alright
    trusting life to guide me in the night
    I know i burden people in the end
    I just hope to help a friend


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    This is a bit lighter than some you've written. Having a great day, I hope?

    Life is very much a series of ups and downs. Sometimes we chose our response more rapidly or easily than others. I've always found it to be helpful, when I'm sad, to do something for someone else. It's not always easy, but placing focus outside myself helps.

    Glad you're still writing.


    • DepressingPoem
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      Editing a comment
      Ig rather than ups and downs its been downhill but ig i'm climbing back up... nvm
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