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  • Tough Nights

    There are days

    Things just don’t go right

    And you’re hated by the world

    You can’t believe anyone would even begin to care about anything that involves you

    It’s difficult to breathe

    You try not to cry

    But you just can’t stop the tears

    Sadness is lurking around every corner

    Waiting to swallow up it’s next victim

    And when it does, you’re completely consumed

    There’s almost no way out

    No one is there to listen to everything you need to tell

    You just hope that if you keep it inside, it’ll dissolve

    Everything you do seems to be a failure

    You look back on your life and things never fit

    You’ve never done anything right

    You were never meant to fit anywhere

    You feel forgotten and lost

    Abandoned and hopeless

    You’re ashamed of yourself

    You’re embarrassed of your life and what a mess you’ve made of it

    If only you were normal

    If only you weren’t weird

    A million thoughts go through your mind and you consider what could’ve been if you weren’t around

    You want to hide from the world

    You understand why you’re forgotten and lost, abandoned and hopeless

    You understand why people think you’re boring

    And stupid and all the hateful things others say

    They all go to your head

    You continue to tell people you’re alright

    But you really aren’t; inside you’re broken

    You try to hold on

    But sometimes it gets really difficult

    You don’t want people to see how broken you are and all your missing pieces

    It seems you are a problem and everything is wrong with you

    You’re being pushed around and you can’t handle much more

    No one relates, no one is there when you need them to be

    You find yourself constantly talking to yourself just so you aren’t losing your mind

    You wish someone understood

    But they can’t

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    No one is so alone as in the moment before they find a friend. Keep posting your work. You may find a kindred spirit in the Rhymezone.


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      Thank you


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        You express yourself well IO hope it proves cathartic if you have been feeling this way