They Dance for Demockracy ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

Our Republic and Constitution is being attacked
Victimized for our Loyalty , we are being sacked !
Sucker punched in the gut , elbowed by electronics
They're hoping to fold us under the crust like , " plate tectonics "
The only way they can win is by throwing their weight around
But their muscle is only skin deep , their methods unsound
Put them on the table and give them a good " tweaking "
That X-ray shows No Substance they're just pathetic weaklings
Promoted by corporate backing and hyped to the hilt !
That " Sporran " they're sporting , hangs by a thread from their kilt
Stuffed with cash , it's ornate touted and treasured
It's the only way they can participate , or be measured
Joe is just a propped up " commissioned auctioneer "
He and his cronies think , OUR " Real Estate Sale " is here
He'll gladly grovel with his gavel , to the highest bidder
With dollar signs in their eyes it's the only thing to consider
They've turned US into a " Demockracy " " We the People " mocked !
They have invaded OUR Nation by " picking the lock "
With promises of payouts they have unleashed their thugs ,
And literally left burnt marks on OUR trampled rugs !
These people are thieves and have ransacked the place
Then stand in the crowd observing , masking the grins on their face
As it disperses , they walk away and snicker
They're joyous in the disbelief and wallow in the bicker
These sick rotten bastards say , " OUR REPUBLIC' is a joke
Sold on a bill of sales with " programmed machines" they stroke
They can't wait for victory , handshakes are secretly made behind backs
Like I said before " We the People " are under attack !
But as we rotate on our axis and revolve around the sun
I'n positive those electrons will show who really won
You see , the " Nucleus is Positive " and that's a " Plus for US "
It is , in God ! , not copper that Our Founding Fahter's trust !
They dance for " Demockracy " , I'm sure it will be honored by the hoard
But they'll be disappointed it wont be allowed , not even on a "Scrabble Board !

Triple Word !