Arise fair child, embrace the warming glow
Of each new day, formed quietly for you,
Awaken to Earth's daily miracle of life,
Embrace it, hold it, warm and close anew.

Treasure every moment, every wakeful hour
Of sonic sound, of multi-colored sight,
Fill up each well of consciousness,
Imbibe its sweetened water, safe from flight.

Look not behind, forgetfulness is sweet,
Time's calming hands becomes an easing balm
Caressing as a mothers healing touch
Which far away, drives every wild alarm.

See each reflected hour in reawakened
Promise, serenity of mind restores, releases
Gifts to you, of life so warm, revived,
Mindful of all that pleases, all increases.

Touch every fear with gentleness of joy,
Easing the hidden laughter of your heart
Toward a kinder calm, a gentler calling
Beckons each new day, to each new start.