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Claude Isn't Worthy of the Reins

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  • Claude Isn't Worthy of the Reins

    Claude Isn't Worthy of the Reins ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    " Let's give the City of Brotherly Love a real good shagging "
    Nothing is " certified " yet the " Town Crier " is bragging
    Why is the " Key Stone " state under scrutiny ?
    You'd never think THIS would of been the place for a " Back Stabbing Mutiny !
    It's so obvious even " Charles Laughton" would of seen it and had a " Hunch "
    I'm sure he wouldn't of hesitated " Coming About "with a counter punch !
    He'd say , " The Liberty Bell " isn't the only thing around here that's cracked "
    " It's the:" Pitts " and the criminal element here is whacked " !

    These demonic democrats CAN"T EVEN CHEAT RIGHT !
    They have sold us down the river with nothing in sight
    Talk about getting put on a list !
    These are the people who should have handcuffs on their wrists
    They have insulted everyone's intelligence with their pathetic actions
    They have broken the " Moral Code of Ethics " with their infractions
    Their " Quasi - Motives " only ring a bell in their " bat fearing " minds !
    It's time we take OUR " Esméralda " , " Lady Liberty " in our arms ,
    And leave them far far behind !

    Ding Dong the end