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Trying to be happy

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  • Trying to be happy

    Life its self is now so dull
    yet pain still throbs throughout my skull
    wishing I could stop it all
    the pain the hurt and never fall
    maybe the pain is not so bad
    I could get used to being sad
    every time i used to try to take a breath
    I was dreaded under wishing for death
    i got lucky and am free
    but do i try to leave the sea
    the place so cold yet so safe
    if i go up will there be strafe
    wishing i could stay here
    in this place now void of fear
    but if I don't come up for air
    i will be swallowed by my despair
    slowly i swim into a rock
    climb it and my heart is now blocked
    and i continue to the top
    i start to fear so then I stop
    wondering who will push me off
    i stand there cold now with a cough
    i see my friends at the top
    can I keep climbing non stop
    hopeing i can make the climb
    they tell me just one more step
    and i end up with a misstep
    falling into the void yet again
    yet only one thing goes though my brain
    they better of without me there
    but in disbelief they are here without a prayer
    carry me back to the rock
    say its my climb to take I'm on the clock
    i am not here still climbing
    with hope and fear of what I'll find
    so many thoughts still cross my mind

    By: DepressedPoet

    trying to be happy is so damn hard

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    ngl this was sloppy my bad


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      I can feel the sadness just reading this poem.