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    Where are the friends I used to know?
    The temporal kin of mind and heart.
    Who exorcised their happy glow?
    And who now keeps them far apart

    What staying hand a barrier makes?
    And who replaced the strings that bound
    With coils of heavy chain that takes
    Their happy chattering voice's sound

    What ails their melancholy love?
    Lays waste the barren spoken word
    Of loves endearments from above
    The spoken truths that all have heard

    The shallow pools of wading thought
    Become a thickening waste-filled mire
    Where reaching hands and hearts are caught
    And love's endearments reach no higher

    The eyes that once were bright and clear
    Peer out through clouded blaze of fright
    The wasting hearts that once held dear
    Are trampled in the gloom of night

    They hear the cries, they see the pain
    Their genteel hands forbear to clutch
    And steeped in sacrificial gain
    Left weeping in their after-touch

    Someday you'll rise and search again
    Renew unfriended barren days
    No more will haunting death lie near
    No more intent on his parade

    I am that life that clung to yours
    Our joy was walking hand in hand
    We barefoot trod forgotten shores
    Untrammelled, lost in laughter's land

    Deep, far in some forgotten glade
    One day, you will arise and seek
    My face, expose your masquerade
    And face will turn to face and speak