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Knowledge is Good but a Heads-Up is Better

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  • Knowledge is Good but a Heads-Up is Better

    Propaganda ? well two can play at that game

    Knowledge is Good but a Heads-Up is Better ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Don't break out those " Cubans " just yet , Caesar !
    Unless it's a rendition of Bob Kuban's , The Cheater
    That smoking gun is a " red hot " poker
    That ace you're holding is really a " joker "
    Your " fraternity " system will come up empty
    You've gone for broke with a borrowed twenty
    Attention democrat " animal house " party !
    You were on " double secret prohibition " , smarty !
    We knew you were going to try to " worm " your way in , Dean
    We were way ahead of you with those mimeograph machines !
    What a pathetic bunch of " Clueless Neidermeyers "
    You continue to feed OUR , " With Liberty and Justice for All " desires !
    You think it's all sewn up , that it's " in the bag "
    We're not ready to throw in the " rag "
    Remember what WAS in the " bag " ?
    That's the bag " We the People " are holding !
    Go back and watch the movie , it is smoldering !
    " D-Day " is here and with some " Blithering Bluto " wannabes
    Are trying to invade OUR Precious Sovereignty
    These evil doers think they can just run over US and not OBEY the rules
    All I'd like to say to them is , " Eat Me " fools
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    Very creative...reminds me of Bobby Del Boy's real estate series in some way.