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My demons and fears

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  • My demons and fears

    Through my anxiety and fear through my pain and my freedom was this made and through these conditions do I hope it is remembered.

    start to run and start to fear
    look into the distance the end is near
    start to wish that I could run
    I start to leave and find some fun
    I start to be beaten and bruise
    time to hide I cannot loose
    start to run so far away
    and hide from the people and let them say
    i know they act as if they care
    they know what will give me a scare
    knowing that my time may be up
    staring into the stars no longer covered up
    free and exposed as brilliant as a thousand suns
    i realize my time is near now surrounded with no fear he comes
    sitting and waiting i realize
    why do i let this be my demise
    i fight my demons as i should
    standing now with belief i could
    i fight the fear and the grief
    living until the next day on no relief
    wishing hoping that for just one day
    life will hear my tears shed in dismay
    let me life with my demons gone
    to be free and happy from dusk to dawn

    By: DepressedPoet

    At first I wasn't sure if I should post this I owe this post to a friend who told me to shoot for it.

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    I really am sorry if this hurts anyone here or opens up any old wounds. The last thing I want to do here is hurt any of you lovely people.