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  • 'Do I feel lucky?' - Reboot

    I originally posted this on 11-4-20. In our area Covid has gotten much worse - the local hospitals are close to being overtaxed with Covid patients. ICU beds are at a minimum and the trend is for many, many more people needing hospitalization for this deadly virus. I turn 75 (hopefully) in a few weeks and I don't want to be "Checking Out" on a ventilator any time soon. My wife and I have been taking precautions as set forth by local and national health professionals - but we are getting tired of this thing just like many others. However, to wish it away - or just ignore it - is not going to improve the situation. I just wanted to offer my Rhyme, again, as my take on this mess as an "Old Guy" who would like to get a little older:

    "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do you, punk?"
    “Dirty Harry” the movie as spoken by Clint Eastwood.

    “Dirty Harry” in a Flick,
    spoke these Words then Gun went Click.
    Been misquoted Over Time,
    here’s my Take within this Rhyme.

    Cooped Up, Restless, or Plain Pissed,
    Virus showed Us what we’ve Missed.
    “Phases” give Back what we Had,
    moving Forward – Good or Bad?

    Favorite Bar – Cut your Locks,
    Get your Brew – Tan on Docks?
    Visit Parks – Go to Church,
    Taco Time – Crowds you Search?

    What some Fear can’t Hear or See,
    all at Risk to Some Degree.
    Are you Lucky – Punk or Hunk,
    will you Pass or will you Flunk?

    Questions for us One or Many,
    Consequences could be Plenty.
    Take a Chance and Roll the Dice.
    Hold them Close while Thinking Twice?

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    Nice nutshell you've captured this in Bob...and rhyming to it!


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      Thank you!