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  • connect-i-cut (Connecticut)

    When you go out and try to make friends
    what do you say well that depends
    supposed to look for common interests
    but who else cuts over there wrist rests
    all of a sudden what do I see
    seems to be the person just for me
    they have dull eyes just like mine
    cuts down her arm insists she's fine
    I realize she sees my scars
    we have gone to countless bars
    realize she loves me to
    as I mumble I love you
    to think such pain had brought her hear
    almost makes it worth the fear
    well it has been a few
    more the cutting i now persue
    there blood going cold on the floor
    walk over and shut the door
    start to eat them piece by piece
    now I feel truly at peace
    now i go to kill some more
    killing them is such bore
    ending life's who really cares
    now I spill all my useless tears

    By: DepressedPoet

    person is from Connecticut and i just kind of saw the three words
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    please let me know if i made any errors or how I could do better


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      Heavy subject matter - but serious creativity with that title and the way you fleshed it out.