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  • My future

    I guess it about 5 o clock
    getting drunk to my alternative rock
    I'm not sure what is left to say
    so I try to drown my dismay
    down a bottle no wait two
    talk about my feelings taboo
    just drown my sorrows start to faint
    want to start to die but the restraint
    everywhere I go and enemy is there
    any one who doesn't know must beware
    if they find me secrets hidden deep inside
    I will get to sit and watch death is implied
    if you say it will be ok that's where you are wrong
    no such thing as happy so I just stay strong
    I wish I could say it gets better
    just as good as a brake up letter
    I start to run away in fear
    but wait I still feel is it them i hear
    look into my no longer empty grave
    I know I'll go to hell but be brave
    and you know what just to make sure I'm dead
    the doctors go ahead and cut of my head
    now a days I Rome hell as a ghost
    and sadness there i make the most
    i have nothing more to say
    get out of my face . . . TODAY

    By: DepressedPoet

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    please let me know how i did