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    Listen up, Dummy, I said to myself again,
    Nobody likes the way you pose.
    They think you're writing with somebody else's pen.
    You're a fraud - everybody knows.

    I don't have to take that from you, I said to me,
    I'm so much better than you say.
    I'm not without guilt, on that much we can agree,
    But stealing words is not my way.

    What I'd really like to say is nothing at all,
    I think we here can plainly see
    I've born the whips and scorns of time and lived the fall
    From virtue to sin, yeah, that's me.

    There it is, I said, you've done it again just now,
    Your thievery really knows no bounds.
    And I don't care to listen to you tell me how
    It doesn't matter they're just sounds.

    Well I know the swell. The terror, joy, and pity
    Roll into my ears like the sea
    Of tempted angels come from the Regal City
    Hope to hear one sing sweet as me.

    You know you should stop before things get out of hand,
    You never know what we might do.
    This is getting silly. What's next? Your favorite band?
    This kind of thing makes people sue.

    You mean "La dee da da da, La da da da da"?
    I will sing that until I die
    And then pass it on to whoever comes along.
    Those sounds aren't something you can buy.