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  • Part 1 (that is public)

    This is part of a book kind of thing I've been trying to wright. so here .. we .. go

    I stared at the mysterious knife in my hands, not knowing how it got there. I look to the side to notice someone laying there on the floor dead. I start to walk away. I notice people running from me. Of course, I’m holding a knife and my clothing is drenched in blood. I get to my house. I start making food. I let the water start to boil as I take a shower. I start to get out even if just for a moment I hear the police.
    come out with your hands up.

    I ignore it I though my clothing on and get ready. I grab my bag and start to leave. I look outside there are no police I’m still hearing things. I look back and notice someone behind me. He has followed me on this road once every week. He turns follows me for 3 blocks and turns. I continue walking not knowing where I’m going. I start to hear gunshots, but I realize they are real. I walk calm as ever to what’s going on. It looks like they want to fight.

    I didn’t want to, but I guess I must. One by one I kill them with the knife. Looking at whom they where shooting at I realize they have the same tattoo as the guy I had just killed. Regardless I take their guns through them in my bag and continue my walk until dark. As I go to walk home, I realize another of them. That’s two today. I know they are watching for me. But 2 people in my area how do they know. Was it the punk I killed earlier. I blacked out maybe he isn’t the only one. I walk inside and turn on the news. Ten people where stabbed to death. Suddenly, the power went out. I guess it’s time for bed.

    I look out the window at the rugged red brick apartment. I notice something fly though the air. I jump out the window and fly after it. Now in the form of a bird a follow. I stalk only for it to disappear. I guess its time to go home again. I go to sleep and drift into my subconscious. I awake to again watch the news now in my next body. I guess I must have died in my sleep. These lives the continues cycle of life that I cannot leave that I am doomed to stay within forever.

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