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I don't wanna be

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  • I don't wanna be

    I don't wanna be

    I start to fear my past is near
    I want to run away in fear
    look at what I have now
    remember what I did but how
    my childhood's simply stories
    I know its not true but no worries
    people say they care
    when they say the do it gives me a scare
    I start to want to leave again
    I cut but there's a chain
    I start to loose my mind
    I pass out but now I'm in a bind
    I start to clean my mess
    no help don't call it destress
    your pride won't have it
    but i can't try to quit
    its not about me
    what would they see
    opening the unlocked door
    to see my corpse there on the floor
    I don't want to make them sad
    I won't to make them glad
    glad the got to know me
    Funk i wanna make them happy

    By: DepressedPoet

    I know me and happy don't rhyme