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One of those days

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  • One of those days

    One of those days

    I sit and stare with eyes open wide
    arms lay limp on each side
    I now fear to close my eyes
    if I do I hear there cries
    every time I try and blink
    it just gives more time to think
    I tried the stop this pain before
    then I left dragging a corps
    nothing seems to go my way
    that's the reason I must stay
    I want tor brake down in tears
    but I can't for if they hear
    I can leave my place today
    I just sit here in dismay
    I want to die at least I'd leave
    my say those words I can believe
    I but a gash across my chest
    trying to lay my demons to rest
    now i start to burn my hand
    damn isn't life so grand
    guess there's only one thing left
    stare at the scars across my chest
    this is my life for now I guess
    emotions forever I will suppress

    By: DepressedPoet