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Credit taken - but Deserved????

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  • Credit taken - but Deserved????

    Farmer Judd, worked In the Mud, to Keep his Garden Pure,
    Don’t mix or match, the Seeds you'll Catch, disease He was for Sure.

    Sam the Slug, worked in this Mud, but with a Different Mind,
    For what He did – it Was not Seen – for Sam the Slug was Blind.

    For days On end, Old Judd would Bend, to Keep his Seeds in Sync,
    He’d cuss and Fuss, when Sam moved In, to Set his Plants to Link.

    Corn in the morn – Sam don't Scorn - the Peas or Carrots too,
    Combining seeds, the Process one, As in his Mouth he’d Chew.

    As time Went On, the Seeds from Sam, Judd hated What he Saw,
    Until one Day - with Sam not There - it Was the Country's Draw.

    Corn-Eas, Corn-Car, and Pea-Arrots - producing Lots and Lots,
    became the Cure, for many Things, like Gas and Cancer Spots.

    Judd took Credit - You can Bet – and the First to Tell,
    I am the One – see What I’ve done – my Seeds will Make you Well!!!!
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    This must be how Homer Simpson came up with tomacco. It wasn't just the plutonium.


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      A great example!