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  • Those parties

    I wish that I could feel
    and that my life was real
    I wish my friends and family cared
    why is it when I see these people I am so scared
    I look at people as I get dizzy
    why is it this now empty rooms feel so busy
    so few people now to many
    its not me you should envy
    I look around at blurry faces
    scared no idea where my place is
    I start to wish I hadn't come
    but wait the story isn't done
    apparently the drinks where spiked
    lets just say I'm less than psyched
    I don't know where where going
    I say she is fucking glowing
    cops come to stop the fun
    well hell I guess where done
    for a moment there I felt ok
    its been awhile sense the gray
    i stay drudged up
    stuck in lockup
    and as i get out
    I think what was this all about
    from that time about a year
    now I have no life and I wright here
    i sit here wanting to do some more
    or drink some pills lay on the floor

    By: DepressedPoet