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Cross street and beyond

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  • Cross street and beyond


    The streets are my imagination
    First, the Crow
    Then the Blue Jay
    The drunkards
    Uneasy thinking
    Tiny plots within the city
    Uncomfortable readings
    Flowers of the valley
    Silken oils preserving
    Frozen hands approaching empty
    The curves of love and our mouths
    Simply smiles and frowns
    I know you haven’t settled in
    So you still look straight ahead
    Into the strangest bright skies
    Or the strangers dark eyes
    Evergreen and Red Breast
    Lost to the carving
    Landscape, darling
    Flight and foliage
    Like her seasons, changing
    I beg you to listen
    Before your own loneliness compels you
    And the ghosts of Cross Street compound you


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    Stream of consciousness writing...or purposeful meandering among memories? I find it a point of interest that I can't quite tell.... will be back to reread.


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      Completley symbolic of where and how i live. Living in the city i cherish any greenery. When i awoke the other morning
      i was saddened to find that two large evergreen trees had been cut down in the yard across the street. Home and play ground to fore mentioned- crow, blue jay, robin, squrels and some times stray cats seeking to collect on one of the inhabatants. Also exposing three or so of the neighbors back yards. It just seems naked now. And lifeless. To make the rest short. I try to put the last roses of the year in oil to preserve.

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    This reminded me of the scowling little girl with crossed arms standing at the corner.
    "What are you doing?"
    "I'm running away from home."
    "Well, you haven't made it very far."
    "I'm not allowed to cross the street."


    • The second
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      Thanks for your injection poldy i do so much appreciate. From where i come from i was taught at an early age how to cross the street. Running away was never any problem. The problem was how to get back once you ran away.