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Emotions they suck

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  • Emotions they suck

    ...Emotions they suck
    and who care i don't give a duck
    I seem broken and hurt
    dull eyes and never alert
    I was pulled aside
    by a man quite wide
    he asked why i was so sad
    and damn that got me mad
    i asked why he thought i was sad
    he said i spoke with your dad and to add
    you don't open up why don't you feel
    the truth is I do showing it has no appeal
    I start to tremble start to shake
    as I start to leave he said it was a mistake
    after a while I start to cry
    don't ask me I don't know why
    all that I know
    is I'm sinking below
    I start to cut
    want to sew my mouth shut
    If I could fly i would up to the sky
    i have an answer if you want to know why
    after a while of peace i would fall
    as everyone stopped seeming so small
    i would laugh and scream
    would be living the dream
    then when i hit the ground
    i would no longer be drowned

    By: DepressedPoet

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    "the truth is I do showing it has no appeal" That line right there got me. Thanks for this.

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    • DepressingPoem
      DepressingPoem commented
      Editing a comment
      I'm osrry if that made you sad

      *sorry lol
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    verse 2..same here