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  • I'm happy

    I'm happy

    I am what you would call the village idiot
    but hey I'm happy why so serious
    I laugh I'm the clown
    I always ware a frown
    stare at the signs
    I'm almost out of rhymes
    see hell I'm useless
    who needs my looseness
    I'm sick of all the lies
    that will soon be my demise
    no I'm happy attitude is everything
    I am not tired of the wait I've been carrying
    life is amazing or that's what I tell myself now
    I'm sick of life no I'm not won't allow
    i am happy don't ask how or why
    so happy no one cares why not die
    I'm happy get into fights at school
    so happy my life at home is cruel
    you know what i cannot end it
    I think its time to admit
    I'M OK

    By: DperessedPoet

    If you bothered to read this thank you.
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