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a "Nose Pickin' Nail"

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  • a "Nose Pickin' Nail"

    Do you Have a "Nose Pickin’ Nail",
    one that You count on Never to Fail?
    Born to do Battle in a Locale,
    things that Stick there In the Canal.

    It is a Weapon - that Is for Sure,
    what Shape will it Be - so It will Endure?
    Design is the Key for Future Success,
    the faster You Pick them – the less the Distress.

    Shaped like a Dart – Stab straight In the Heart.

    Round like a Spoon – Digging out Soon.

    Prongs like a Fork – For much better Torque.

    Curved like a Hoe – Big things surely Flow.

    No Fear with your Tool – that Is the Rule,
    to Impress others and Make them Drool.
    After they’re Caught - then In a While,
    you Will have Time to Work on your Style.

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    Oh my gosh, Bob...I can honestly say I've never read a poem about this subject matter before. I can't decide if I'm amused...or grossed out...LOL.

    I like that you write what you means you'll never run out of original material!


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      Not what everyone would pick I guess? It just came to mind and I went with it. I’ll be 75 soon - my entrees might get even more weird.


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        A full-on belly laugh. Then studying the nails on my hand with ill-intent for far too long. (My first thought was that a screw would obviously be better. Then I realized we were talking about something else. )


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          Might try that - have to grow it a little longer though.