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  • Tommy the Human

    He'd always wanted to be a sky-cat lobster,
    Surprise! A demon from the clouds.
    A hard shell and muscles, a fearsome monster,
    Raining Hell on fleeing crowds.

    Or maybe a sandworm (I know. You hate 'em, right?),
    Haunting the deserts' primal spice.
    Crystal teeth, acid breath, kind you don't want to fight.
    No one would ever see him twice.

    He was Tommy the Human. No one was amazed.
    Sunglasses. Backwards baseball cap.
    Walking without rhythm because his eyes were glazed,
    Not special, just another sap.

    Frivolous and dull with a bitter kind of wit,
    Scorn always returned without note.
    Pretending he was fresh, he wasn't counterfeit,
    Every word he spoke a misquote.

    Never knowing, never growing, barely aware,
    Floundering, getting it all wrong.
    Missing so much, but, no, he didn't even care.
    Yet somehow still he scraped along.

    Tommy the Human, in the fashion of the time,
    Never understood the words he said.
    No truth, beauty, goodness, nor anything sublime,
    Did he allow inside his head.

    Each morning he was there waiting in the mirror,
    Each night preventing any rest,
    Each step I would take would bring him a bit nearer,
    With each breath I would fail a test.

    So still I will continue to hate everyone,
    This is it, all I'll ever be.
    This way Tommy will get to have a little fun,
    And I will still get to hate me.

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    Dark...but WOW...powerful.


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      Poor Tommy. I didn't know what to do with him as I got toward the end. I had already kind of decided not to save him, but I didn't have the guts to punish him either. So I guess he guilted me into taking on some of the awfulness. Hope it doesn't stick.
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