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That pain again

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  • That pain again

    That Pain Again

    I want you gone
    look at my smile its always been drawn
    I am plastic I am fake
    I will always be that one mistake
    I'm a looser a wrong
    yet I am told I am strong
    I loose to my demons
    look into there eyes as I loose my beacon
    I run and I hide
    I want leave them but my eyes are stapled wide
    no sleep nor dreams
    just me and my schemes
    I was once okay
    well not now today
    I lay on the floor
    not again slam the door
    people they hurt
    just watch as they flirt
    what is this feeling
    NO I'm done believing

    By: DepressedPoet

    A strong person once told me life is full of people its the people you choose that change it.

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    I love that you put "Again" in the title. It lets us know right away that we're dealing with something recurrent. What would be awful to deal with even once is made even worse by the knowledge that any respite is temporary. You can't even hardly enjoy any relief from the pain because you know it's coming back.


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      I keep my mind on the yoke
      Hilarious looks!
      I'm running, but where am I going to run?
      Should I throw myself into the sea?

      They sprinkle their mouths, and I moan
      Only empty throats,
      Wall, floor - spit; curse
      Souls - bullets!

      Bad and simple, rather
      I draw myself:
      With adulterers and ordinary thieves
      I would live better!

      I curse his idols bitterly!
      By virtue, I am not faur!
      Not even holiness
      It's not a golden mouth.
      __________________________________________________ _______________________
      Poetry is the most beautiful writing on earth. Love that blows embraces me and softens me.
      kratom mate
      __________________________________________________ _______________
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        Thank you UwU I'll think about it...
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