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It's Origin: The One-Finger Salute

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  • It's Origin: The One-Finger Salute

    French and English fought to Win,
    Here’s my Slant to Share a Grin.
    In the Year of Fourteen Plus,
    Useful gift For all of Us.

    French thought They would Beat the Brits,
    Their Plan before calling Quits,
    Middle Finger – Not a Toe,
    Cut it Off - Can’t use Bow.

    Sometime things Don’t go as Planned,
    English still had Five on Hand,
    Waved that Middle – Sure was Sweet,
    At the French in their Defeat.

    Who says History don’t have Worth,
    Traditions Born upon our Earth,
    Now my Gesture has its Roots,
    Arthritic Finger still Salutes.

    Humble – I won’t Steal the Show,
    Total Story - Now Below:

    One Finger Salute Photo.png
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    LOL! I don't usually use the gesture...but this poetry and history was thoroughly entertaining today! Thank you Bob!

    Plus, I learned a new phrase..."labiodental fricative"! Not sure how I'll work it into either conversation or poetry, but who knows???


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      I tried but nothing materialized in my old brain cells. Thank you for the comments.


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        I'm amazed and impressed by your ability to remain humble. Thank you for the history lesson.

        And for awakening an old memory I'd almost forgotten I had (from back in the 1900s!): The sound of breaking glass from the other room. A sweet voice with just a little bit of panic saying, "I cut my finger real bad!" And for the next few weeks, Sister Alicia taking what some might judge to be just a bit too much pleasure in waving her hand around and saying, "Look what I've done to my finger."


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          Funny story - thank you!