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  • Blinded Eyes

    You'll never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.

    You must re-imagine yourself..

    Go Ahead, cut us open and climb inside our skins.
    Walk around and embrace the eternal flame burning inside of us..

    Powerful, new life emerges from the smoldering ashes..
    Determination and prowess aides in our revival.

    Once weak inside, the mentally torturous life we continually endure brings forth a mighty sword robust,
    but humbled..righteousness bursting from within.

    Oppressedby the world of ignorance the pot begins to swell. Temperatures rise and the steam,
    desperate for an exit can not prevail. The lid is lifted and the vapor begins to roll outward at a substantial rate.
    The cook must stand clear as it absconds bolting out with vigor.

    Fugitive, the freedom is overwhelming not only for the oppressed, but for the oppressor. Nervous,
    the unjust dictators rebound. Their imperial nature sees no boundary.

    How long must our view be obstructed by these delusive counterfeit bars keeping us housed against our will?
    Dirty Laundry amounting in the corner. It reeks of absurd invidious vindication.
    The bird enclosed in this cage has no name, no face,..
    It's a translucent rendition of the unfortunate sorrows we have been surrounded in.

    False Freedoms leave no roads to cross,..gridlocks emerge from every exit.
    We must fight through the blockades and take back what is rightfully ours.
    Unclog the pipe, asserting ourselves. Rectify this puzzle and navigate the maze.
    Consolidating our fellow man.

    Filling our shoes is no small feat. It takes a special sort of courage to view the world from this perspective,
    never giving in to the false pretenses placed before us.

    We are equal.
    We are no different..
    We are human.
    Made of flesh and blood..

    How can your eyes remain blinded?
    What is it that you can not understand?......
    Can you tell me?
    I guess,..
    I just can not understand man.

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    Please let me know what you think. How did you interpret this piece? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!


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      Keep it up its quite enjoyable