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  • The Pressure

    The Pressure

    I have corona in 2 different ways
    I have coughed drunk for the last few days
    well I know why my wife left me
    because there's nothing left for her to see
    I'm hollow hell I'm a fake
    trust me you learn I'm your next big mistake
    I wanna bottle or maybe two
    if I said I stopped there well that would be untrue
    I pass out and clean up
    this blood is a stain so I speed up
    I guess I'm a mess
    why is it that I'm always in destress
    I wish I was happy
    but instead of happy I'm doing fucking crappy
    I don't know what you want me to say
    its not like I get to die today
    life is nemesis
    if you stared at mine you might know what the threat it
    I do what I'm told
    don't care I can't fold
    you send me to die
    but I come back alive
    I know that this isn't what you where expecting
    now my life need some serious directing
    I wish I was happy I wish I was free
    but I cant die they need me
    why is it that I can't seem to be free
    I don't want to finish this next part is bad
    and the last thing I need is more stress to add

    By: DepressedPoet
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  • #2're still writing...and posting. That's something.


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      Well I guess that's true.