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  • Old Macdonald

    Old Macdonald

    M make me happy never sad

    A ask before you make me mad

    C carry them all quiet as a mouse

    D don't talk about the slaughterhouse

    O one then the two

    N they will all die for the few

    A all is well all is good

    L lull them into house of wood

    D death is now all around thank you to all who heard not even a sound

    By: DepressedPoet.
    Last edited by DepressingPoem; 10-19-2020, 11:57 AM.

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    You've got a real knack for writing acronym poems.

    I've tried my hand...not the easiest form for me. There used to be several poets in the Zone who used this form with great success. Keep it at and it may become your signature.