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It Will Live but Don't Quote Me

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  • It Will Live but Don't Quote Me

    It Will Live but Don't Quote Me ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Doctor ? , what is the diagnosis ?
    I'm afraid it's the same , " Ignorance is Bliss "
    Dear God No ! , what does that mean ?
    It's all right here , on the " EKG Machine "
    You see this line that goes up ? ,
    And this one beside it not so much ?
    Together this indicates the heart and mind is in trouble
    Don't tell me ! .Yes ! this person lives in a bubble
    What does the " X-rays " show ?
    Something we already know
    It's very revealing , it's a gem !
    You guessed it ! , " We can see right thru them " !
    Doctor I'd like a second opinion
    My stomach aches and my head is spinning
    Alright , but brace yourself
    This was taken right off the shelf
    You see , " You can fool all of the people some of the time ",
    and some of the people all the time " ,
    " but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time " 1
    Doctor , is that your professional inkling ?
    No ! , just a quote from President Lincoln !

    And if I may paraphrase , there are people who put ideas in the head
    By promising them riches with words they have said
    Making " Zombies " , walking around with an egregious blank stare
    You can see them everywhere
    That's horrible !
    Yes , people who have no will of their own
    Following orders , always needing to be shown
    Not caring what they do , unlike me and you
    What could be worse than that ?
    Nothing , they're democrats !
    Doctor , is there any way mankind will ever cope ?
    Not according to Bob Hope ! 2
    Even if he or she elects to partake in normal conversation
    They undoubtedly will revert to some sort of altercation
    Whether verbal or just to be miserable
    Either way , you might hear , " Let's Get Physical " ! 3
    I'm afraid we're all stuck with their neurosis
    It happens when the brain is overcome by sclerosis
    It can only endure so much
    The walls thicken and you're out of touch

    Surely there must be something you can do ?
    Not much , and stop calling me Shirley ! 4
    Wait a minute ! , are you just quoting randomly ?
    Apparently ! , Look even if we select to do surgery
    It will be hard to stop their insidious perjury
    The heart still beats to the sound of the drum ,
    And that " Snare " says , " You're under my Thumb " 5
    I'm afraid the prognosis is nothing but dire
    We must put our faith into something much higher
    I was hoping a couple of aspirins would of done the trick
    Now I'm feeling really sick
    Could I get a little oxygen please ?
    Only If you get down on your knees
    Wait ? , are you some sort of sick proponent ?
    " Sorry I went to the Bahama's for a moment "
    So tell me the truth , " What's up Doc " ? 6
    What's really with the all those masks and smocks ?
    Their corporate remedy is for you and I to give up control
    To relinquish , Duty , Honor and Soul !
    " The only thing we have to fear , is fear itself " 7
    " And the evil scientists , who want to make you melt " !

    They want us stuck at home with a " catheter " and " IV "
    Sorry ! " comrad " but that's not me !
    " Go ahead , make my Day " ! 8
    But come Nov. 3rd either way
    I'm going to my polling place
    With that " stupid commi mask " on my face
    I'm tired of communicating behind a camera
    While the evil doers laugh at us getting hammered
    I'm going to vote in person just to prove
    My American Flag and I are hard to remove
    If you think for one moment I'll hesitate
    Sorry Charlie you're too Late
    This ship has sailed , my Stool Pigeon Friend
    And this voyage will never end !
    We're not scuttled , we're just Moored !
    We're still On Top and All Aboard !
    It's all about Freedom and Liberty and too Believe !
    So here's a quote from Betty Davis portraying Eve 9
    " Fasten your seat belts , it's gong to be a bumpy night "
    " Let's kill them with kindness " with " OUR VOTING MIGHT "

    1 Abraham Lincoln ( circa ? )
    2 From the movie Ghost Breakers ( 1940 )
    3 Olivia Newton John song ( 1981 )
    4 From the movie Airplane ( 1980 )
    5 The Rolling Stones song ( 1966 )
    6 From the cartoon , A Wild Hare ( 1940 )
    7 Franklin D. Roosevelt ( 1932 )
    8 From the Movie Sudden Impact ( 1983 )
    9 From the movie All About Eve ( 1950 )

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    When I read your poetry I get a sense that you're having a lot of fun writing it!


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      Thanks for the comment , Indeed I do have fun .. It's nice to know you can always go back to the archives for material . It might behoove some to do a little research themselves and not to forget the past but try to learn from it !