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  • Microbes

    Daily business
    Sporadic routines
    Close contact
    Human transmission
    We can't see
    We can't feel
    As we live our lives
    We harm each other

    Innocence as front
    Smile behind the truth
    We take disease
    We receive effects
    Corrosive touch
    Long-distance poison
    We are living our lives
    Killing each other

    They look down on us
    With conniving eyes
    We breed without knowing
    We are the true disease

    Carriers of death
    We hurt our own friends
    We maim our closest ones
    We maim ourselves
    Scientists manipulate
    To make us think twice
    But we're too stupid
    To even care

    In the eyes of scientists, doctors, epidemiologists and even politicians, they tar everyone with the same brush that we all carry the virus. That's not entirely true. If you really want to make sure of it, mass testing is the way to go. Surprised this wasn't blurted out during the grim days of HIV/AIDS...

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    Thankfully, as we continue through the stages of this latest disease, medical people are learning that though it is's far less deadly than initially projected. Something I see as a light in dark times.


    • Bry89
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      Less deadly than measles, but more deadly than swine flu. Despite that last pandemic, life remained "normal" somehow.