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  • Failure

    Of all the efforts and hardship
    To control and contain
    Despite their goal for success
    Nothing was gained
    And now, they've given up
    And for what reason to believe
    Their mission, to pull us out from these waters
    We're soon to be deceived

    Patience was the virtue
    To free us from all this trouble
    While lives were spared and all things else
    Faith is dead amongst the rubble
    Because now, there's new advice
    Should we try to get on with things
    Minister, you're speaking words of the devil
    Admit that you achieved nothing

    Of all that's done
    Of what's left now
    A shattered world
    No real saviour

    Barren landscapes
    Eyes fogged with scorn
    Formalities destroyed
    We will not be pawns of your failure


    Being told to "live with the virus" is a clear indication that some governments had failed to contain let alone control the pandemic, no matter how much they've "tried".