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  • Goodbye

    Everyone goes and steals no one thinks about how a broken heart heals Its almost unreal
    People are fake each one is a mistake now this hatred I conceal
    the blood now on my hand that wasn’t the plan I Have to flee
    adamantly they chase now there heads I displace the future I foresee
    I loose my breath staring at the face to death I know I must live
    pull the trigger one last time try to give up my life of crime yet again i must survive
    I take a gun to my head wishing that just once i could drop dead people talk
    someone cares so of course I start to sware i will live as long as you stay on this walk
    this walk of life and walk of love walk of hate and walk thereof
    I start to loose my sense of sight what happened to the light and my love
    I start to fall asleep for the first time I’m at peace it is now time for me to go
    we will meet again someday as I start to feel afraid Its to late to let them know

    By: DepressedPoet

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    Nice poem!