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A Rhyme about one of my Dark Places

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  • A Rhyme about one of my Dark Places

    One of our new Contributors sent me a private message - writing that my postings were "happy." I try to write my Rhymes with humor and/or sarcasm - maybe a defense mechanism? They wrote they could not write poems - but they "very much" are a Poet - in anything other than depressing terms. They wanted to know what I thought they should write about - I told them to write about anything they wanted and post it to the Forum.

    I also told them that everyone has demons and dark places - I promised to post one of mine.

    I originally posted a portion of this Rhyme, below, under another title in February, 2017. It is about my time in the Army during the Vietnam War. To this day - I suffer from "Survivors Guilt" as I lived through the experience when so many others died and died so needlessly!!!!

    Click on link, below, for the video referenced in the Rhyme:

    Haunting Song – Rolling Stones,
    Repressed Thoughts – Make no Bones.
    I was Drafted – Did not Run,
    Hell for Some – Just Begun.

    Love this Tune – Don’t know Why,
    Times I Listen – Want to Cry.
    Was no Hero – Conscious Try,
    But I Served – Did not Die.

    Genius Intro – Called a Riff,
    Interpretations – What’s the Diff?
    Mary Clayton – Searing Voice,
    Brought to Life – I Rejoice.

    Turn Away – Face it Front?
    Like so Many – Was a Grunt.
    Respect Veterans – Those that Served,
    What some Got – Not Deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was Then - This is Now,
    have Things changed - Tell me How?
    Turmoil then - What'd it Bring,
    possibly Not one Damn Thing!!!!

    Is now Different - Time will Vie,
    if All just Don't let things Die!!!!!!
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      There are more but that’s the only one I’ll share. I lost some good friends. Some after they came home. One died a few years back from cancer throughout his body. He felt it was from Agent Orange that got dropped on him from the air. It was a defoliant that cleared away vegetation. Hang in there!


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        Versatility, my friend. That's what comes from this kind of sharing...thank you.


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          Thank you!!!!!


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            I almost missed this one. I'm glad I found it. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into one of your dark places.

            Unsurprisingly, Paula, in my opinion, gets to the heart of the matter: versatility (turning, revolving, moving). We all have a lot going on in our minds. With hard work and a little bit of luck we sometimes manage to catch a glimpse of something meaningful as it flies by. Sometimes we even manage to put that glimpse into words.

            Angry or playful. Sad or humorous. Optimistic or gloomy. I have no idea why some glimpses lean more in one particular direction, but I do know, as Uncle Walt says, we "contain multitudes."

            I need to stop before I'm making even less sense than I usually do, but not without recommending some good music. I loved Dylan's "I Contain Multitudes" when I heard it earlier this year, and I loved it all over again when I heard it on Emma Swift's Blonde on the Tracks, a gutsy, beautiful take on some Dylan songs from Nashville by way of Australia.


            Happy Writing (even on the darkest of subjects)


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              Thank you very much!