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A Prayer for Good End

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  • A Prayer for Good End

    A Prayer for Good End

    (This is a translation of a beautiful prayer)

    O whose remembrance is an honor for the mentioners,
    and whose thanking is a gain to thankers,
    And O whose obedience is a salvation for obedients,

    Bless Paraclete and his kin, and engage:
    our hearts with your remembrance apart of all mentions,
    and our tounges with thanking thou apart of all thanks,
    and our limbs with obeying you apart of all obedience.

    So if thou destined us a leisure, make it a safety leisure:
    so a liability not to catch us,
    and a disturbance not to follow us,
    until sin-writers leave us with a journal free of stating our sins,
    and good-writers part us happy with what they logged of our good deeds.

    And when out days pass and our lifetimes elapse,
    and we were summoned by your call which is inevitable and must be answered:

    Then bless Paraclete and his kin,
    and make the conclusion of what our deed-writers count:
    to be an accepted repentance so thou will not impede us for a sin we committed,
    nor a disobedience we perpetrated.

    And do not expose of us a cover you veiled,
    in front of the witnesses, on that day when you trial your servants’ life stories.

    You are merciful to whoever asks you,
    and respondent to whoever calls you.

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    Hello, may I share this on my Facebook account and to my friends? I love this prayer. <3


    • Dorudgar
      Dorudgar commented
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      Hi. Yes of course.

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    Comforting, these words. Thank you.