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  • The Edge

    Dusk draws near, up the steps she goes

    Rising from the deep dark realm of depression

    Twilight shadows her fears, as she holds back the river of tears

    Climbing the staircase to happiness, the golden gates welcoming her

    The well inside bringing darkness up with every step

    Yet she throws it back down, not wanting a sip

    Ignoring the negatives, as the breeze blows her thoughts away

    The starlight illuminates her hopes and dreams

    But the frost reveals open seams

    She always needed help, but she never requested it

    The final steps, five more to go

    She stumbles but keeps her ground

    Afraid of what is below, she whimpers with fear

    She is at the edge, the bridge between two worlds

    Just needs to cross it and all will be well

    As she takes her last step

    Her last bad breath

    She spies the golden light

    She is blinded, but she takes the step anyway…

    She stumbles, tumbles, to the depths below

    She cries but she knows, This is where she belongs

    The choristers of sadness, welcome her with a haunting melody

    As she wails out her tears, the depths draw near, she starts again

    From square one, it is like she has just begun

    The never ending staircase, for the second time

    Dusk draws near, up the steps she goes

    Rising from the deep, dark, realm of depression...

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    Thank you for posting again - hope to see more of them.