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  • Dethroned

    Hey, Mr. President
    Who do you think you are?
    The way you handle things
    You've gone a step too far

    You simply don't care
    Yet you insist that you do
    People are dying every day
    Only by the likes of you

    Dismiss all that they say
    And pretend everything's fine
    Downplay the situation
    With every obvious lie

    Conspiracy and doubt
    Misinformation and false hope
    You are not our saviour
    Nor are you our world leader
    It's time for you to go

    Every time you speak
    You can't think before you do
    A beautiful timeline
    No such thing, you fool

    Rebellion and disruption
    The climax of this insanity
    Your next thoughtless move
    Can redefine your future
    Of an altered reality

    What you do
    And what you say
    Will go against you
    Be sure to count your final days

    When the time comes
    This is the end
    No one wants to know you, anymore
    Kakistocracy is dead


    Trump and COVID-19... a really bad combination. However, somebody else actually managed to do a much worse job than him... Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil's president).

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    I had to look up "Kakistocracy" Bry89 ...although I got the gist of it from the poem. Hopefully brighter days are ahead - for the entire world.


    • Bry89
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      A much brighter day when these two suckers are voted out.