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  • New Depression

    A life in ruin
    A world in silence
    There was tension
    There was defiance

    The skies are black
    We feel torn apart
    Constant sorrow
    Forever deep in our hearts

    Either this is pain
    Or for our own good
    Some may adapt
    Some can't pull through

    As daylight breaks open
    To all cities and streets
    We now shield our faces
    As if we're diseased

    It's a new depression
    That we all have to embrace

    How we all dream of
    A return to normality
    Even though we hate all this
    It's only temporary

    It's a new depression
    That we all have to embrace
    For a while

    "New normal"... those two words alone just make me want to scream.

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    My God!! Seeing the word depression itself makes people depressed. I don't know why this word throws this much negative energy to the people. Why people are easily fall into this? This is an unanswerable question. Plant-Based Food Let God save us all.
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    • DepressingPoem
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      simple.. you can't truly feel something and i mean anything unless the feeling is yours or someone's actions and or words show you how they feel so strongly for a moment just one... you can feel it to the happy the sad its all connected. sometimes if you let it your empathy can take you farther into someone else world there life and experience. sometimes something you know little about becomes for just a moment your very own self. i can honestly say i don't know how or why.. but i believe we feel this so we can learn and grow we can know how to help even if for just a moment.. one single moment. it happens when we are happy and when we are sad once when i was in a dark dark place... someone started talking to me and they were so exited for a moment.. I was to i remembered what it was like to be happy. i know my words shouldn't mean much if anything to you ,but I guess I had to answer your unanswerable question. I had to share i apologize if i have overstepped in any way shape or form. This is purely my belief and the negative and people get down because of so many reasons its hard to count,,, maybe they are scared of being happy gotten hurt so harshly they would rather play it safe then risk disappointment. of course that is only one of many reasons i can get into. i lied its not so simple.

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    I'm with you on catch phrases like "new normal". One of the things I like about poetry is that poets often find new ways to express things instead of lazing back on the kind of terms repeated, parrot fashion, motivated by group think.


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      stop killing yourself with depression go read a soul book it will help 100% my friend always was in depression state, and no matter how I was cheering him he was coming back to his state when he was left alone.. and I wont tell about weed, one time I gave him a poof and he was even more depressed lol. He said he had too much on his mind and I made him a tea of white maeng da kratom powder, he seemed to chill his thoughts and finally started to analyze his life and whats inside his head. Funny how every problem can be solved with just letting it go.
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      • Bry89
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        That's a very helpful comment. I appreciate it(!)

        And I wasn't even talking about depression from that entry posted, if you even read it through.