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God Save Our Souls

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  • God Save Our Souls

    Why, are we all dying?
    Why, are the tensions rising?
    Why, is our future beginning to drown?
    Why, do we feel we're let down?

    Why, can't we fight or resist?
    Why, are we living like this?
    Why, is everything smashed to the ground?
    Why can't it just stop now?

    Our nation can't get to grips
    To the unexpected, the unprecedented
    Tragic chain of events
    Set to change us forever

    Every day, it's death and misery
    It feels like a neverending nightmare, a war
    A tragic chain of events
    Seared deep into our minds forever

    God save our souls

    At the time I wrote this (in March), the UK was struggling with its touch of the pandemic, and of the title of this themed around its national anthem if anybody didn't notice. Although, as time went on, the so-called "struggle" was purely from governmental incompetence. Despite this, and that we're still in this mess six months on, we'll make it through.