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    They're messing with us , I'll mess with them

    CCCP ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen please have a seat
    I’m stretching this one a bit , so put up your feet
    This is a little “ psyop “ of my very own
    I figure since the evil doers are here , I’ll just hit them at home
    I know there are many countries involved in our dilemma
    And we know they’re in cahoots with their evil agenda
    For now I picked one that would make them cringe at the notion
    Metamorphosis its meaning like a magical potion
    Tonight’s topic is brought to you by the letters CCCP
    Don’t be confused , this is just me being me
    It’s my turn to mess with letters and these will do
    I know outside forces are at work , what say you ?
    Relax ! this isn’t about the old Soviet Union
    This is about “ US “ , you and I behaving like humans
    Inside or out what’s going on is a depravity
    The devil has danced in and has canceled reality
    This Pontius Pilate thinks he’s the “ Post Master General “
    Licking the backsides of some with a big dose of “ Demerol “ !
    Everyone knows “ his “ circle looking in
    The devil’s letters are “ S - I - N “
    These days , letters have an identity all to them themselves
    So I pulled these oldies right off the shelf

    If I may :

    This is my call to action with a “ NEW American Acronym “
    We all could still lose this battle , so my efforts are maximum !
    CCCP now stands for , Commandments , Constitution , Civil , People
    Letting anyone who wants to know , WE are not feeble !
    These days “ Our roof “ and it’s “ rafters “ are at the breaking point

    The stress is effecting every inch and every joint
    Sure it’s construction is solid and very painstaking
    But like anything else , it takes some maintaining
    And those on top “ jumping “ ? , are these people insane ?
    They REALLY don’t care about the coming storm or rain
    They want to replace it with a “ Convertible Top “
    “ Rag Tops “ are nice , but good grief STOP !
    “ Our Forefathers “ had the forethought to look forward
    They knew if they succeeded there would come much reward
    But ! , there is only so much “ Our Rafters “ can bare
    And the sad thing is , we are “ ALLOWING “ this nightmare
    It doesn’t matter how thick the columns were built
    If you replace their foundation with rocky silt
    Bolsheviks we are not , so I take their letters in defense
    They’re ours now comrade , so get off the fence !

    The first“ C “ is for “ Commandments “ , “ Laws “ , “ pillars “ of society

    And for any “ roof “ to hold up , “ they are a propriety “ !
    The “ First Ten “ , not to be “ Wreckoned “ with “ ( See what I did there )
    “ Set in stone “ , rock solid monoliths !
    The second " C " is for “ Constitution “, ” The United States Constitution “
    Ideals born from the “ New World “ Institution
    Organized in 1776 from the efforts of the men and women of Massachusetts *
    One of the Thirteen Original Colonies , Brave Unselfish Determined Recruits
    Why CCCP ? , why not ? , those letters are no longer is use
    They can now represent “ Righteousness “ instead of abuse
    I know some other letters I could do without
    Like all those Govt. Departments. that are hanging about
    By the way that “ Roof “ ? that’s over us all
    “ I know I’d sure hate to see it fall “
    We can all come to its aid or let it all crumble
    “ The sounds of snapping timber is no time to stumble “ !
    Once it’s down it’s hard to walk among the debris
    “ And I don’t want ANY other “ boots “ walking over me
    The third " C " ? , what do you say Joe ? , what do you say Don ?
    I think it’s time to get our CIVIL face on
    Let’s show the world the letters “ U, S, A, “ DOESN'T stand for “ Hysteria “
    They stand for “ UNITED “ as in “ United WE Stand “ , States of America
    • The battles of Concord and Lexington Mass. , April 19, 1775

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    Cleverly constructed, Glen MItton. I hope your appeal falls on ears open to hear!