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The last leaf on the tree

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  • The last leaf on the tree

    The last leaf on the tree

    Clings on precariously,

    Crisp and brown

    It will soon drop down

    Fluttering wild and free.

    And when it does surely fall,

    A fate which befell them all,

    Scattered like dust

    By an Autumnal gust,

    The foliage shall withdraw

    Then there’s the sycamore

    Whose last leaf it does adore.

    It just doesn’t know how

    It can break from the bough,

    Separated forevermore.

    Leaf cries, “Dear tree, I cannot stay,

    It is time I go my own way”

    And indeed it left

    The tree utterly bereft

    Bare branches weeping in dismay.

    Down swoops a wise old crow

    And exclaims, “Sad tree, do you not know?

    Life is a sharp ring,

    From death follows Spring,

    So do not scold the wind when it blows”.

    The tree’s sorrow began to wane

    Rejoiceful, it thus proclaimed;

    “It’s time I gave up the gloom

    I shall once more be in bloom

    For nothing that rises shall stay.”

    So our dear tree lives a new day

    It stands proud come what may

    “But what of the leaf?”

    I hear you impeach

    Upon the dirt it lay.

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    Nice to have you here!!!


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      Wonderful autumn reflection Mandy133 ! Welcome to the zone!