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  • Black Cat

    Black Cat in a Tree.jpg
    Black Cat sitting in My Tree,
    at Sunrise and startled Me.
    First time That I’ve seen it Here,
    what’s to Come – Should I Fear?

    Superstitious – Just a Bit,
    pending Bad Luck – Does it Fit?
    Did not Freak and Drive Away,
    welcomed It – Reward might Pay?

    Halloween is Coming Near,
    will the Black Cat Reappear?
    If returns To be my Host,
    hope It brings a Friendly Ghost.
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    I'm learning not to be startled. Our cats out here on the farm love to climb trees (and one of them seems to live on our roof, currently). Winter follows fall, so that may change, but for now it doesn't hurt to look up when calling them for dinner.

    Timely, with Halloween just around the corner.


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      Thank you - Happy Halloween!