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The Lady on the Bridge

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  • The Lady on the Bridge

    The Lady On The Bridge has skin
    as thin as a river birch’s bark.
    She tells the children stories,
    of spirits and secrets and tall tales of the dark.
    Twilight, she’ll say, is when the
    Underlings come out.
    They like to play, but if they stay,
    they’ll make a little Seedling sprout
    with the melons in your belly
    which will grow and grow and grow,
    down past your spleen where the meat is lean
    to where the Seedling sprout will show.

    But the children never listened
    to the woman’s warnings of
    twilight, ‘cause it’s not that scary
    with a little lady love.
    But now the Underlings can see
    how foolish was their doubt,
    for they like to play and they like to stay
    and make the Seedling sprouts come out
    to join the melon in her belly
    where it grows and grows and grows…
    but it's not as fun when the baby’s young
    and it’s harder to take off her clothes.

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    Edit me. Lay it on like cold jelly.


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      I wouldn't touch's wonderfully evocative as is. Very well done DV.


      • Darthvader
        Darthvader commented
        Editing a comment
        Haha, thanks RLW. Like always, I am honored at your praise. Thank you.

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      sorry lady