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  • Stone Cold

    The wind vigorously assaults the chiffon, ebony strands of her hair,
    She towers over the lush land, body swaying in consonance with the breeze,
    Her pale hand reaches up to wipe away the tears that should fall by,
    The piercing cold pumps through her veins; the gelid breeze now a part of her,
    A bombardment of memories brew an internal tornado; each spin plucks a flower of joy,
    Haunted by the doings of the past; the pumping vessel inside her hardens turning into ash,
    Realisation strikes like the gunshot she could never cry over,
    The blitz consuming her existence originates from deep within; a rouge wound,
    An excruciating bruise one foot off the edge from fading into a scar,
    Myriads of prayers couldn't cease the meadow confined by her sight from dwindling into a desert,
    Mama promised her that the storm would always finale with a lucent rainbow,
    But little does mama know that the storm is her ‘home sweet home’ signboard,
    Her catalyst of feelings over time stopped embracing anything but resentment,
    Over the elongated period of life the pain left; leaving a pulsing heart stone-cold,
    Her glassy eyes reflect the ashes, the remnants of the past, of a better time,
    How could you blame an existence with a jagged, shattered heart that is firmly sealed?
    “A final comfort that is small, but not cold; the heart is the only broken instrument that works”~T.E.
    Dear Mr Kalem: a bird with a broken wing still lives; it will just never fly again.

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    I studied the poem Stone Cold. I liked it very much. I also think that today in this modern and progressive world, our classic poem has somehow lost in it. This poem beautifully describes the emotions of a human. best CBD for pets
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