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Between the two oceans

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  • Between the two oceans

    Hello. This is my 4th poem in English. I was inspired by Clair de Luna by Debussy and Moonlight sonata by Beethoven. I’m open to any criticism.

    The grand piano black between the oceans plays
    And open on its lid eyes of the Milky Way.
    There each world-weary soul unfolds an open space
    As broken chords and waves take questions far away.

    As music interposed by Ocean's thick applauses
    Brings honed o’er waves of time a wisdom of the past —
    Keeping the world adult — her streams of notes with pauses
    Are coming from the dark as blinking lights to cast.

    But when a voice of tones sinks in the world of waters
    It can’t an ocean’s ear or nature’s sense perceive,
    Yet if it’s realised extends to the four quarters
    An unread field of thoughts — a human fantasy.

    The first wave crashes. Hush! It's crystalline remainders
    Are sprinkled in the air to be a salty blast.
    And just as every tide that each coastline remembers
    Music recast a soul, to make a soul still last.

    The next wave crashes. Hush! The ocean does the dice throw:
    A million of jackstones fall to the nature's rime.
    Wild nature wonders how the light hands of the maestro
    Can for a moment stop the heavy wheel of time?
    Awaking senses, reawaking feelings.

    The third wave crashes. Hush! Beneath the lunar footlights
    Aspires a high note like a vibrant rose with thorn.
    And when a mature mind gives a young one the full rights
    From nothing but desire the melody is born
    Awaking senses, reawaking feelings
    And brake stereotypes like shuttering glass ceilings.
    Reflecting the man’s knack, refining a rat race
    The grand piano black between the oceans plays.
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