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The Three People Inside Me

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  • The Three People Inside Me

    The three people inside me

    Fight and fight

    The fight for control

    For power

    For complete and total

    Annihilation of the others

    But each has its own

    Thoughts and mind

    The three people inside me

    Bleed and bleed

    Until they all

    Slowly die

    They kill and murder

    Taking one by one

    The thoughts of happiness

    The three people inside me

    Break and destroy

    All that was light

    In my mind

    They fight and break

    They bleed and bruise

    They darken and frighten

    The three people inside me

    Are all fractured

    Beyond the point of recognition

    Beyond the idea

    Of being glued back together

    Only to pretend they’re not scared

    The three people inside me

    Are all me

    But they’re not

    They’re not me

    But they are

    They are me

    The three people inside me

    They are the crashing point

    Of the waves

    Of hope

    They are the shattered mirror

    And my broken reflection

    They are the divisions

    Of a divine happiness

    The unfixable fractions of feelings

    I never thought I’d have to experience

    The three people inside me

    Have blinded even myself

    From my own thoughts

    And emotions

    Am I really angry? Am I actually sad?

    Or is it just

    The three people inside me?

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    Sounds chaotic and yet you write coherently


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      i like it


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        Recently, I was asked to become a Moderator to assist the other Moderators – and Administrators - in combating these SPAM postings and comments. It was my honor to enthusiastically accept.

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