This was first posted in 2019 , thought I'd post it again , Happy 4th of JUlt everyone , Hip hip Hooray !

This Offer Never Ends ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

Does the sight of the American flag make you gag ?
When you hear Our National Anthem do you spasm ?
Do you have a grievance with the Pledge of Allegiance ?
Well Wait No More ! , Because There's the Door " !

That's right folks ! , You Can Leave the Country and be
No need to be melancholy " Pack Your bags Kemosabe " !
This offer never ends ," Your Absence is Our Dividend " !

Exit right now to a country of your choice !
The sooner the better and we ( ahem ) YOU get to rejoice !
If you salivate in hate there's no debate
Do Us a Favor Neighbor , LEAVE !

Your disdain is obviously growing
Get that meatball rolling , " MAMMA MIA " !
You think this country blows , THEN GO !!
No need to bicker or reconsider !

Renounce your citizenship here or abroad
Receive a standing ovation from everyone involved
Our government is standing by
" We'll even help you cross the t's and dot the i's "

" That's crazy folks " , " Yeah crazy like a fox " !
" Don't forget to check that box "
There's no Populace Deficit Ceiling !
" Go with Your Feelings "!

" BUT WAIT ! Hit the Brakes " ( SCREECH ) !

If you act right now in the next 30 seconds
It gives MORE TIME for more dissidents !
Don't worry about the case load grinder
We just add more pages to the binder ! ( Snap ! )

Don't know where to start ?
Just close your eyes and throw a dart
Where it lands you can make a start
We know you have it in your heart , " BULLSEYE " !

So If you're Disgruntled and Befuddled
Take a hike , and " POP " that bubble
Here and now the gates are open
Your validated ! , there's no tokens

Don't let this opportunity slip !
" It's just a myth that you'll be missed " !
So Vamoose ! , you " Gander-less Goose " !
Don't let the door knob hit you in the caboose !

This offer is open to anyone who hates this country and is unwilling to
become a productive member of THIS society
This also includes the following , Slackers , Hackers , Carjackers , Bushwhackers ,
Hijackers , Ransackers , “ okay I’ll stop “!
Please act now before population quotas change , “ Dear God No “ !
Need help , contact the U.S. embassy or Consulate of the country you are in ,
appear in person before a U.S. consular or diplomatic officer, and sign an oath of renunciation

Word !