This is my play on the " Millennium Falcon " theme , and me calling some creatures that are walking here among us as " Millennial falcates ". By adding an " s " to falcate to make falcate plural it becomes not a word . However Falcate is on the Rhyme Zone definition page " , so I just went with it . I hope you get my gist enjoy . Ps I hope my math is right

The Millennial Falcates ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020
( born 1981 - 1996 )

Not too long ago in a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way
On a planet 1/3 the distance from it's center display
A group of inhabitants born to the " Space Time Continuum "
Now threatens this young planet's economic curriculum
These " Millennial Falcates " as I like to call them
Are under the evil spell shine of an " Ominous " gem

Falcate is an adjective : curved like a sickle
And these " commie supporters " have us all in a pickle
" Of course not all millennial's fall into this category " !
But they have influenced more that I care for , for their army of anarchy
" Darth and his Invaders " are not a cool rock and roll band
Look closely , they have real rocks and bricks in their hands !

Ill informed ill tempered these "brain washed " idiots riot
As they are constantly fed a " left - over " diet
Their " Inner Space " has been bombarded to the " Outer Limits "
With the " sideshow bark , " Step right this way " they like to mimic !
A world of no regard has been offered and has caught their attention
With the promise to send their " financial worries " to another dimension

Their elders shunned , " falcates " seek a narcissistic deliverance
" The baby's out with the bath water , so what's the difference " ?
These " millennial falcates " have been hypnotized
As the " evil empire " tells them , THEY"RE the ones victimized !
The war lords have unleashed a campaign of unscrupulous lies
With the hopes of netting more floundering souls in the shade of disguise

This populous , the youngest able to vote since 2014 ! *
This is the real " doomsday bomb " that is foreseen
Why am I picking on these " millennial falcates " ? , simple " the force is with me " !
Because " Luke " and " his friends have set us all free !
Crack open a history book and read about communism , you you Yoda !
You and yours alike will never reach the apex of the " pagoda " !

" I heard a quote which I stand behind and I am not bluffing "
" The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing "