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To eat or not be eaten

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  • To eat or not be eaten

    To eat or not be eaten?
    That is the silent question
    Both prey and hunter ponder
    When by the circle of
    Life fleeting and death gruesome
    They are ferried round
    Like glass-eyed dust-strewn horses
    On a shunned carousel.
    Turned mindlessly and tossed
    Onto a timeless course,
    Rump by mouth, jaw by hide,
    Paw by hoof, tail by claw.
    "I don't want to be eaten!"
    Brays the beleaguered prey.
    "I must eat you to live!"
    The hunter's staunch refrain.
    Roars mixed with stumbling hoofbeats
    Into the deafened sky
    Fly from the roundabout
    Upon its ceaseless course.
    To eat or not be eaten?
    Both prey and hunter answer
    With guiltless barks of foretaste
    And yelps of doom foreboding
    As round and round the circle
    Of life blistering and limbering
    And death faltering and lingering
    Both prey and hunter go.
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