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  • My Isolation


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    Staring out the window
    in the dark
    Same old empty feeling
    in my heart

    Images embedded in my head
    still remain and keeps coming back
    keeps coming back in a song
    Moments in Time

    Every time I think about that song
    I picture you and me
    Walking the beach hand in hand,
    Sharing popcorn at the movies
    going to a ballgame
    going to a local disco
    dancing the night away

    It's so lonely,
    So empty,
    In my room,
    My Isolation

    Memories slowed time
    Bringing the darkness

    Strapped to a chair,
    Trapped by my own mind,
    Looking at the open entryway
    With demons dancing in my head
    Feeding my mind with bitter thoughts.
    The outside comes to my window,
    All is vivid and near but can't be touched

    It's so lonely
    So dreadful
    So frightful
    In my room,
    My Isolation

    The world may never end
    But I may not have many days

    Staring, silent, bare and hollow
    looking out from within,
    Still waiting for a rainbow
    after the storm,

    It's so lonely
    so empty
    so frightful
    so hopeless
    in my room
    My isolation

    My isolation


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      So many could relate in these days...perhaps for different reason, but the feelings hold true.